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Tile & Grout

Tile is a very popular durable floor type that is easy to maintain. Most tile is very pleasing to the eye, but also like within most floors, tile especially in the grout can get very dirty!

People and pets are consistently bringing pollutants onto your tile floor. Over time grime, spills and dirt will take their toll on your tile and grout.  Once your floor is looking dingy it is time to call a professional tile cleaning company, and this is where we come in!

CarpetsPlus Charlotte is famous for their tile and grout cleaning care.  We only utilize the the highest quality equipment available and have an experienced crew that understand how to get the job done.

Only the best cleaning practices are put you use within our company and we guareentee to bring your floors back to their original style if not better.

Grout restoration isn't a problem either!   For the most part, we can get most grout cleaning done no matter how dirty.  Just keep in mind that if it has been years or even decades since you have had grout cleaning done, your grout has gathered germs, dirt, and grime.  Conventional tile cleaning methods will not remove the microbial bugs that have accumulated in your grout.

Only a commercial tile cleaning company can remove these problems.

If your tile has taken a beating over the years, please consider us for tile cleaning. We’ve got the best tile cleaning agents. 

Tile & Grout: Welcome
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