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Upholstery Cleaning

Let Carpets Plus clean your fabrics!

Let Carpets Plus clean your furniture and upholstery today!  Our team will professionally clean your sofas, love-seats, lounge chairs, couches, recliners, and whatever other upholstered furniture that you have. All too often homeowners overlook the importance of cleaning their home upholstery or simply don't consider it.  Consider this though…
If you really think about it, love seats, couches and other furniture can be very personal space that also has the ability to gobble up debris into your cushions or even a robber ( Yes I said robber, lol! Just think of how much cash your cushions have stole from you, ha!)  I mean where else do family, friends and even loved pets spend most of their downtime at?  It’s the place people actually put their butt, face or feet on and still have fun (You may not but many do). It’s only natural though, that many may overlook and don’t notice how dirty your chair, love seat or sofa can become. 
After some time this space can amass a lot of soil and clean all things considered, additionally, oil and grease from your hair and skin alongside dead skin cells that the body normally discharges. When you couple these in a dull, damp room, it can make a domain that gets to be hard to breath and can even create bacterial development. This is the place our group battles back! When you permit Carpet Plus to clean your upholsterers and furniture you are additionally permitting us to free your home of any allergens, oils, human or pet dander, and other soil and grime. It’s very simple; we come in and clean all nasty stuff that is often left in your home or you, leaving it feeling  fresh and clean! 
Our prepared and expert furniture and upholstery cleaners serve Charlotte metropolitan and the encompassing rural areas.   After years of experience, our staff can address your toughest stains or problem areas.   Through use of the hot water extraction method, the cleaning process of your furniture and upholstery will wind up looking like new and as opposed to drying in several days, the upholstery ought to be prepared for use in two or three hours.
Contingent upon the sort of fabric you have, we will apply an alternate sort of cleaning strategy.

Upholstery Care

  • One of the most ideal approaches to keep colors  from blurring is to keep your upholstery out of direct daylight

  • It’s best to beat the cushions of highly used furniture, rotate them and then vacuum it up.  This will allow the removal of old skin cells and dust.  This will keep them from social occasion dust and continually looking stout and full.  

  • Avoid leaving newspapers on your couches, the ink can leave stains and with time can be very hard to remove

  • Upholstery fabrics are not all created equal and therefore cannot all be cleaned the same way.  Before using an all purpose upholstery cleaner, check the labeling to make sure it is safe

  • Our upholstery cleaning teams in Charlotte are happy to help keep your couches and sofas looking their best, feel free to reach out to us for any suggestions or advice.

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